Device to test the levels of progesterone and haptoglobin for an optimised fertility and health management thanks to the automatic milk and blood serum analysis on mammals.

Fertility Management (Progesterone)

  • For several years this method has been successfully applied for oestrus monitoring (detection of mammals oestrous cycles and gestation) thanks to an automatic progesterone test performed on milk or blood serum
  • Automatic analysis of the milk or blood serum progesterone level for an optimised fertility management
  • Ensures oestrous cycles detection (also on cows without signals of being in rut) and makes it possible to clearly determine a lack of gestation already on the 20th day after insemination
  • Detect fertility problems at an early stage by repeatedly measuring the progesterone level during the cycle.
  • Fast determination of the progesterone test by performing a test with the eProCheck (approx. one minute of work for performing a sample; the result is available in 20 – 30 min)
  • Profit increase due to higher fertility
  • Control of the main oestrus
  • Determination and verification of ovulation
  • Determination of oestrus cycles (cycle finding – silent oestrus)
  • Differentiation from false oestrus
  • Early detection of follicular and corpus luteum cysts

Health Management (Haptoglobin)

  • Complex health monitoring is becoming more and more important, that is why we have developed for you a new procedure to analyse haptoglobin in milk/blood serum. This test procedure supplies agriculturists/farmers/users with valuable additional information for the purpose of health monitoring.
  • The “On Farm Measure” of haptoglobin has been awarded with the eProCheck for its quick inflammation diagnosis. With the ELISA Measuring Device everyone can use this analysis device to directly determine the immune parameters in the milk or the blood serum.
  • Rapid detection of haptoglobin already at the onset of an inflammatory reaction allows early detection of inflammatory diseases, especially mastitis
  • Fast determination of the haptoglobin content by performing a test with the eProCheck (approx. one minute of work for performing a sample, the result is available in 40 – 70 min.) and therefore interesting for every farm due to the easy handling
  • Early health monitoring (even animals considered clinically healthy may have elevated Hp concentrations in milk/blood serum).
  • Quality assurance in livestock production
  • Appropriate precautionary strategy
  • Reduce medication costs
  • Veterinary diagnostics and herd management



Test performance time is approx. 1 minute


Easy to use


Always reliable results on all mammals

Reduction of workload

Reduction of extensive manual work, as well as of monitoring the reaction process and observance of defined environmental and operation conditions


No particular installation conditions for keeping the device dust-free and impact-free, nor any conditions regarding temperature and climatic conditions (normal room conditions between 10-32°C)

Cost saving

Saving veterinary costs thanks to an own fertility and health management


  • Management of animal data on the PC

  • Quick and automatic transfer of the analysed data

  • Optimal monitoring thanks to the possibility of managing and keeping track of each animal individually

  • Transferring the measurements results over Bluetooth or R232 interface

  • Cow numbers/animal marks and other important master data can be entered manually at any time.



The test procedure has been literally awarded:

  • 2003 Special winner of “Ostallgäuer Innovationspreis” (innovation price of the region East Allgäu)”
  • 2004 Winner of the “DLZ-Innovationspreis” (Innovation price of the DLZ specialist farming publication)
  • 2005 Winner of the “Businessplanwettbewerb Schwaben” (Business plan contest in the region of Schwaben)
  • 2006 Winner of the “Eurotier Silbermedaille” Progesterone (Silver medal during the Eurotier fair)
  • 2012 Winner of the “Eurotier Silbermedaille” Haptoglobin (Silver medal during the Eurotier fair)